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Castle Builder II


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About Castle Builder II

Castle Builder II has been released by Rabcat and it is now available at all Microgaming casinos, being an exclusive release for their platform. It’s following on the footsteps of one of the most popular titles from recent years and it builds on it, adding even more content, features, and improved graphics. Castle Builder II has been designed as a game with 5 reels and with 15 active lines. It offers the same castle-building process that makes it feel like you’re in a bonus game all the time, it allows you to win challenges and get achievements, and it also has wild symbols as the only average features that this game will offer. The top prize that the regular combinations will offer gets up to $10,000.

Castle Builder II

Why Castle Builder II Stands Out

  • A Unique Blend of Genres. Castle Builder II melds the excitement of slot gameplay with the satisfaction of strategy and building games. It's a narrative-driven experience where each spin tells a part of your story.
  • Replay Value. With multiple characters to choose from and kingdoms to explore, the replay value is high. You won’t just play; you’ll want to come back to expand your realm further.
  • Engaging for All Skill Levels. Beginners will find the game easy to pick up, while experienced players will appreciate the depth and strategy required for later stages.

Betting requirements

The betting side of Castle Builder II is probably the most common thing about it. You can set both the number of lines and the amount that will be used for each one. The stake per line is between $0.01 and $2. The number of lines is normally at 15, but there is the option to reduce it to just 1 if you feel it’s necessary. In the end, the betting range is between $0.01 and $30.

Theme & Design

The theme of choice in the Castle Builder slot machines is a sort of story, about a master builder that’s being commissioned to create castles for princesses that are about to get married. Just like before, there is the castle shown next to the set of 5 reels, and you get to build it yourself, by simply playing the slot machine. There is a very interesting RPG-like story here, where you advance from one kingdom to another. There are 15 kingdoms in total and in them, you will find 75 castles that can be built. There are also more than 300 characters that you can interact with along the way. As you can see for yourself, it was a huge effort made by Rabcat to turn this into a successful new release, and it shows. The design quality is one of the best that I have seen in this industry, and once again they left nothing to chance. There are no symbols that don’t belong, no fruits or poker cards, so all the ones that form combinations have a purpose. The images you have as symbols are the ones with the builder avatar that you chose, plus the four materials, a ring, a gold bar, a crown, and a treasure chest.

Special Features of Builder II Game

When you start the game, there are two avatars available, with a third one that can be unlocked later, after you’ve completed one game cycle with one of the others. Each one has a different extra ability to offer, or a different skill level at building castles.

The materials of choice, the symbols that you need to collect to build the castles, are wood, bricks, granite, and iron ore. You add one block to the building each time that you form a combination. Once you have a couple of wins of the same type, you will notice how the castle starts getting additional details, as it is being built. The building materials have different values and the ultimate reward that you get from each castle will depend on the kind of materials that have gone into it. The iron ore has the highest value, followed by granite, bricks, and wood, in this order. When the castle is done, you have to choose one of the admirers to marry the princess/prince.

The size and value of the castle determine what kind of admirers come. As for the regular features that Castle Builder offers, they’re the simple Wilds, symbols that you can use to form any combination that you want. You can mix wilds with other regular symbols or you can have just these symbols together on a line. You will get paid up to $10,000 if they form a combo, but they can be substitutes for all other symbols as well, so they can help in more way than one.

Castle Builder II


Besides the payouts that you can expect to get if you play Castle Builder 2 and you manage to complete high-value castles, there is also the matter of the regular combinations that the game forms and which will pay you along the way. The most you can get from a single combo is $10,000, which is with a $2 line bet and with either five wild symbols or with five Crowns on the same line. The RTP of the Castle Builder slot game is between 95.50% and 97.75%, an excellent range that makes this a slot machine that’s worth playing.

Free Play and Real Money Options

You might wonder if you can try Castle Builder II for free before committing real money. Yes, many online casinos offer a free version of the game:

  • Free Play: Use this mode to learn the ropes without risking real money. It’s a great way to understand the mechanics and strategy without the pressure.
  • Real Money: Once you're comfortable, switch to playing with real money for the chance to earn real rewards as you build.


Castle Builder II slot offers a fresh and innovative way to enjoy slot games. You’re not just spinning reels; you're embarking on a quest, building not just castles but also potentially a fortune. With a charming medieval theme, engaging gameplay, and the opportunity to play for free or with real stakes, this game is ready to provide hours of entertainment and the thrill of victory. Are you ready to lay the first stone of your castle? Visit the SlotsRank homepage today, find Castle Builder II among the top castle builder slots, and start your regal journey to success and fun!

Castle Builder II

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What is Castle Builder II Slot?

Castle Builder II is an innovative mix of a traditional slot game and a castle building game. As you play the slot, you collect materials to build castles and progress through a storyline involving royal characters and suitors. It's an engaging online castle builder where your progress in the slot game directly influences the castles you create and the rewards you can earn.

Can I play Castle Builder II Slot for free?

Yes, many online casinos offer a free castle builder game version of Castle Builder II. This allows you to get a feel for the game mechanics and enjoy the building aspect without wagering real money. Check out SlotsRank’s toplist for recommended casinos where you can try the game for free.

What makes Castle Builder II different from other slots?

Castle Builder II stands out because it combines slot gameplay with elements of strategy and simulation. Unlike typical slots where the focus is solely on the reels, this game has you engage in an ongoing mission to construct castles, choose suitors for princes and princesses, and expand your territory across different realms.

Are there multiple levels or stages in Castle Builder II?

Yes, Castle Builder II features multiple levels and stages. As you complete castles, you unlock new territories with different landscapes and more complex building requirements. There's also a character selection feature where different avatars with special skills influence how you play the game and build your castles.

Is Castle Builder II Slot suitable for all players?

Absolutely! Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced slot player, Castle Builder II is suitable for all skill levels. Beginners will find it easy to understand and enjoy, while seasoned players will appreciate the strategic depth the game offers as they progress through more challenging levels.

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