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Bonus rounds7.5
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Si Ling is a Playtech production and a slot machine that gets a theme that seems to have gotten a lot of attention in the last couple of years. Inspired by the Orient and by China in particular, it appears to be showing us the legendary creatures that you can read about in the country’s stories, like dragons, huge turtles and Phoenix birds. Si Ling has been created as a slot machine with 5x3 reels, capable of getting you access to 243 ways to win and to payouts that will get to 100x. It’s going to rely heavily on stacked symbols, along with wilds, scatters and free spins.

Si Ling

Betting requirements

The bets are not exactly the standard ones in Si Ling. The slot machine might get 243 ways to win, but it asks for the equivalent of 60 lines to be used. The more standard number for this sort of setup is 25 or 30 lines, so it’s basically asking for twice that amount. The line bet appears to have a considerable range, between $0.01 and $100, so the total bet varies just as much, between $0.60 and $6,000. The good news is that all players can find a value that they can live with within that huge range.

Theme & Design

I’m not quite sure what Si Ling means, and I couldn’t find much about those words, but you can easily figure out that the theme in this game is inspired by China and by its legendary creatures. The dragon is already one creature that everyone heard about, but there are others that the Chinese stories mention, like a Phoenix bird and a huge turtle, and those are present in this game as well. There are actually two types of dragons that appear in the game, one colored in blue while the other is purple. The surrounding graphics are showing red curtains, making it look like the reels were placed on the stage of some theater. Symbols give us the two dragons, the turtle and the Phoenix bird, along with a Chinese writing logo, with a gold coin with the creatures on it, plus various card logos that you will get from a lot of slots. I’ve enjoyed the design of the high win symbols, but the surrounding graphics and the background image don’t add much. Don’t even get me started on the card symbols and their look, which is completely unrelated to the theme.

Special Features

One defining characteristic of this game is that any symbol that appears here can also appear stacked on the reels, though it’s not a guarantee. These symbols don’t get you paid too much, but with the ways to win present you can easily get a lot of wins at the same time. Among the symbols that can show up stacked on the reels, there is the scatter symbol, which you can get on more positions than there are reels. In fact, to get the scatter’s feature you will need at least six of them showing up on the five reels. A Si Ling feature is offered if that happens, and next you will be asked to select one of the four types of free spins available. The first option is the one with 5 free spins that have Phoenix Bird stacked symbols. Second, you can go with 6 free spins and with Blue Dragons stacked. The Purple Dragons are stacked in the 9 free spins offered in the third option. The fourth option has 11 free spins, with the stacked symbol being the Turtle. There is also a random super choice, one with only 3 free spins but with wild symbols stacked. You can retrigger the Si Ling feature. In addition to a scatter, Si Ling has a wild symbol as well, and you may use it to get rewards of up to 100x and to also help form more combinations. The image of the wild is that of a logo with some sort of Chinese writing on it, probably with the game name. Wild symbols will not get to act as replacements for the scatters, but they can be combined with any other symbol. I find these features to be especially helpful when I get them on ways to win rather than regular paylines, since combinations form so much easier with them around.

Si Ling


Si Ling doesn’t pay a lot, but that’s pretty much the norm when it comes to slot machines that have ways to win. You can get 100x the line bet as a reward, which is not going to be a satisfactory top payout for anyone.


Si Ling is a good game if you look at the features and gameplay style alone, since it’s not a typical slot machine. I’m not satisfied with the graphics and the payouts offered though.

Si Ling

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