RoboCop Slot Review

Bonus rounds8.5
Total score8.0


RoboCop is a Playtech designed slot machine that has been created with inspiration that comes from a film that was released in 1987. It borrows images from the film and photos of the main actors, and it tries hard to make itself liked by the audience that actually enjoyed the original back then. The number of reels is going to be set to 5, each one offering 3 symbols. There are fixed lines here, 25 of them, and they can bring you wins of $2,500. You do get all the usual wild symbols, scatters and bonus features, some of which will be triggered at random and with different effects to the gameplay experience.


Betting requirements

The full range of the bets that RoboCop will allow you to make will be between $0.25 and $25. It’s not much of a range, so high rollers might feel left out if they want to spend more than the slot allows. The lines might be fixed, but you get control over how much the line bets are worth, with their range being between $0.01 and $1.

Theme & Design

RoboCop, the original film that came out in 1987, was centered on a police officer that gets injured and then turned into a police cyborg, designed to fight crime in the city of Detroit. The action takes place sometime in the near future. It was quite popular for its time and its still famous today. Since the theme is from an 80s movie, the graphics borrow a bit from it as well, so they’re not exactly looking futuristic by today’s standards. The city of Detroit is shown in the image behind the reels, while on them there are photos of some of the actors that were in the movie and of RoboCob himself. Other themed symbols that were allowed on these reels included police cars, handguns, badges and logos. The less interesting ones have the images of poker cards on them. The game pays tribute to the original RoboCob, and so naturally has the images that make it look the part, the ones that would’ve been present in the 1987 film. The photos of the actors were a bit retouched and they no longer look like shots from the film, but the quality is still not as high as the one from recent slots.

Special Features

One easy feature to look at and understand would be the Wild Logo. The game uses it as a replacement when combined with any other symbol that tries to get you a win by aligning multiple symbols on the same line. Another way to take advantage of it is to have as many as five wilds forming a combo on an active line, and paying yup to 2,500 coins. These wilds will not be replacements for scatters, but that’s not expected from them anyway. Robotized Features will trigger at random while you’re in the game, while using the base game spins. These can be Shootout Spins (random wilds added), Robot Attack Spins (a big wild symbol is added to the reels), Line Up Spins (multipliers enhance winning lines) and OCP Bonuses (bonus game that can result in a 5x multiplier or regular cash prizes). The scatter symbol is another method through which you can get features to trigger. Three scatters on the reels 1, 3 and 5 will trigger a Feature Menu, where you select a bonus that you want to play through. These are improved versions of the random features that you can get in the base game. Shooting Free Games will get you 10 free spins with random wilds added on the game’s reels. Robot Attack gives you 5 free spins, with mega wild symbols added to the middle three reels. Line Up has 15 free spins to give you, where each win benefits from 2x multipliers. Finally, the enhanced version of OCP Bonus will get you making choices until you have three matching characters. You can find wilds as well, plus multipliers to add to the total bonus amount.



A combination that has only matching symbols in it, and no extra features influencing it, will pay as much as $2,500 to you. The game does mention that it has 2x multipliers in some of its features though, so there are a couple of ways for you to improve on that amount. You can get as much as $5,000 from a combo, if it happens with help from the right feature. The bonus game payouts might be able to deliver more, especially if there are 5x multipliers triggered inside the OCP Bonus.


RoboCop should be a fun slot machine for anyone that watched the original movie, but I’m not sure that those that have missed it will get as much of a kick out of the game.


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