August 31, 2021

Some Things To Consider If You Are an Avid Slots Fan

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Thinking about Slot Games differently is crucial to keeping interest and a winning vibe.

Some Things To Consider If You Are an Avid Slots Fan

If you want to have the best chance to beat slot machines you need to start thinking about them more. You need to think about finding the best slot machines and playing them the right way.

Here are four ways you need to think about slot machines.

Busting The Myth That All Slot Machines Are Bad

Slots are not all bad! But the only way to win at these things is to get lucky. There is no skill or strategy that you can apply which will win you.

I’ve been gambling for close to 4 decades and have studied just about every form of gambling there is. I’ve also tried every system that I could find, learned every strategy that’s available, and read 100’s of books about gambling.

You can beat some casino games, but slot machines aren’t a game you can beat using skill, strategy, or a system.

Not All Slot Machines Are Created Equal

Not all slot machines provide the same returns or level of entertainment.

A slot machine that offers a higher return takes less of your money than a slot machine that offers a lower return percentage. This means that the best slot machines to play are the ones that offer the highest return percentages.

The main problem with this is that it’s extremely hard to find what the return percentage is for slot machines. But this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t look for them.

You’re not going to find slot machine return percentages on the machines. You have to look for listings online and in industry publications. This takes quite a bit of time, but it’s worth it if you can find a few slot machine games with a high return.

Stop Playing Slot Machines So Fast… Take Your Time

Slow your hit rate, slow downtime and you will save more money and enjoy yourself more.

When you control the number of spins every hour, like when you play slot machines or video poker games, you control how fast you burn through your bankroll.

You can still have fun playing slot machines when you take 200 or 300 spins in an hour. You don’t have to take 500 to 600 spins every hour. The rate of speed you play at is up to you, but try a slower pace of play the next time you’re at a slot machine.

You will enjoy yourself more and save money!

Smaller Bets Yields Higher Returns & Entertainment!

Here is some simple math that can convince you that smaller bets are actually better!

The basic math is that if you bet $2.50 a spin compared to .50 a spin, you can play 5 times more spins betting .50. This is why it's better to look for machines that have a low price per spin. It lets you play much longer than most slot machine players with the same size bankroll.

In the last section you saw how taking fewer spins allows you to play longer. When you also play on machines with a lower bet price it also allows you to play longer. Combine these 2 strategies and you can play much longer than you’re able to play now.

If you add 1 more strategy, which I cover in the next section, you can easily play slot machine 10 times or longer than you do now.


Not all slot machines are created equal! Some are better than others, some are more enjoyable than others and some are more profitable than others.

A simple strategy for slot machine play is to find progressive jackpot games. When you play progressive slot machines at least you can win big when you get a lucky spin.

When you play a progressive slot machine that has a small bet limit and slows down your play you have the best chance to play for a longer period of time. You can also use online slot machine bonuses to play longer.

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