May 11, 2020

The top 5 craziest Las Vegas stories!

Leticia "Letty" Santos
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The $25,000.00 Disappointment

After a long and stressful week Samantha and her husband Bill wanted to sip cocktails. What better place to do such an activity besides their favorite place which so happened to be the casino. So that Saturday on a lively night they chanced their luck on the White Seven Triple. Drinks in hand and seated hoping for big wins they began. 2-3 hours in and the couple was doing horribly bad. This was a big demoralization to the night, so Samantha proposed to cut losses and leave. As they proceeded to get up leave they spotted a geeky looking man sit down and insert funds while singing. As they were about to pass the gentleman on their way out the unexpected happened. On his first and probably not last spin of the night, he hit the $25,000.00 jackpot! Feeling amazed, confused, demoralized, and defeated. The couple instantly left home to go to sleep.

The top 5 craziest Las Vegas stories!

How much is a Coin Worth? 

Jasmine was an average girl a few years in to college and in some debts with car payment and family loans. Passively knowing her father used to be a hardcore gambler she decided to try her luck and drove to Vegas. On her first day she entered a casino, ate and didn't bet anything. She said it didn't feel right. Jasmine spent the night in her car not wanting to drive back tired and at night. in the morning to drive back when she woke up she abruptly had an insane impulse to go inside and try one more time. Going straight for the Sahara she obtained a coin. Sat next to a lady to find out later was there the day before and won nothing and lost a lot. Long story short. Jasmine played that one coin to hit 16,000.00. After debts paid off she was left with 9,000. She now gambles frequently. 

I'm Sorry Linda 

Jack was a hardworking husband who had a little drinking problem. Living in Vegas and being attracted to the gambling casino life didn't help either. Promising his wife he wouldn't be downstairs all night which he was he began drinking and nearly spent all of the monthly allowance money. Linda his wife kept calling and texting angrily for him to come home. On his last shot and play of the night Jack hit for 5700 big ones! He sent her a picture of the winnings and she cried tears of joy and ran downstairs. The next morning jack got up early and got right back in. That day hit hit 2 times for 13,000.00 and 3,000.00 ...... 

Hi Rolling Kris 

Kris was a good guy. Made a lot and played a lot some would say. Was known for dropping around 20k per play. But one day a newbie entered his domain of sanctuary. Pleased to see a new source of fresh income, he proposes some lucrative bets. Hesitant at first the gentleman accepts an astonishing and playful 200k bet. Kris wasn't worried but neither was the newbie. Or newbie on appearance. The bet was placed and the newbie lost. Eager to win more Kris pressed the newbie to double up. Well the newbie tripled up. Surprised Kris went to the car to bring out a briefcase to cover the rest. The newbie already had it on him. Feeling uneasy Kris proceeds. Bet played and as you can expect Kris looses. Newbie walks out with 1.2 million dollars and Kris remains on his chair embarrassed at his greed. Newbie was an 18 year old kid fresh out of high school who obtained the money through an inheritance. What a way to invest right ? 

The Best For Last 

This one isn't based off of a big win. This is a horrendous loss. A loss that landed on Larry. Larry was known for dealing with sharks to try and flip money and to pinch the urge.He asked for 100k. Something hes never done before but felt he could flip the 130k he had. After two weeks he had 3 incredible losses which left him with a running debt of 2.6 million dollars between loans and losses. Larry abandoned his family, sold one of his apartments and crossed the border most likely. His family was relocated to protect them from the possible debt collectors associated with Larry.


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