June 13, 2024

Decoding Online Marketing Trends in Gaming & iGaming: Insights from SiGMA Asia

Leticia "Letty" Santos
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In the bustling city of Manila, during the SiGMA Asia Summit, a riveting panel discussion titled ‘Decoding Online Marketing Trends in Asia’ unfolded, offering a wealth of insights into the future of online marketing within the gaming and iGaming sectors. Moderated by Mikhail Jon Penalosa of Saakuru Labs, the panel featured industry heavyweights Gerry Go from MagniViral 360 Performance Branding, Karl von Brockdorff of Wicked Games, and Richard Mifsud from Xprizo. Together, they delved into the evolving landscape of online marketing, the critical role of affiliates, and strategies for success in Asia's dynamic markets.

Decoding Online Marketing Trends in Gaming & iGaming: Insights from SiGMA Asia

Key Takeaways:

  • The Power of Affiliates: Affiliates play a pivotal role in connecting games and iGaming products with the right audience, leveraging their trust and following for effective promotion.
  • Market-specific Strategies: Localization and understanding regional preferences are crucial for crafting marketing strategies that resonate with target audiences across Asia.
  • Creating Meaningful Products: The essence of success lies in developing products that meet the needs and expectations of players, underscored by the importance of genuine engagement and value.

The conversation was a deep dive into the interconnected worlds of game development, financial services, and branding consultancy. Each expert brought to the table a unique perspective, yet all converged on the critical importance of understanding and catering to the specific needs of diverse Asian markets.

The influence of social media and influencers in shaping perceptions and driving engagement in the gaming and gambling industry was a hot topic. The panelists underscored the necessity of market-specific strategies, emphasizing the need for localization to effectively engage with players in different regions.

A particularly compelling insight was the unanimous agreement on the importance of aligning with affiliates whose values mirror one's brand ethos. Such partnerships, they argued, are not merely transactional but pivotal in ensuring the products reach the right audience in a way that is authentic and engaging.

Karl von Brockdorff highlighted the significance of creating meaningful products that resonate deeply with their intended audience. This sentiment was echoed by his co-panelists, who agreed that understanding the audience is the first step towards creating products that are not only desired but also valued.

The panelists also concurred that success in online marketing for games and iGaming hinges on a symbiotic relationship between stellar products and stellar affiliates. This combination, enriched by continuous feedback and improvement, forms the backbone of a successful marketing strategy.

In wrapping up the discussion, Penalosa prompted the audience to reflect on the value and relevance their products bring to their target customers. He stressed that success is achievable by not only understanding but also fulfilling the needs of the target audience through effective channels.

The SiGMA Asia Summit panel on ‘Decoding Online Marketing Trends in Asia’ was more than just a discussion; it was a roadmap for success in the rapidly evolving digital landscape of gaming and iGaming. As the industry moves forward, these insights from leading experts serve as guiding lights for brands aiming to make a significant impact in the Asian markets.

What strategies do you think are most effective in online marketing for gaming and iGaming in Asia? Share your thoughts and insights in the comments below!

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