September 14, 2021

Advice For New Players Of Slots Machines

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Are you looking to get into slot machines? If so, be careful of these dangerously seductive and addictive machines.

Advice For New Players Of Slots Machines

Here is some advice for new payers.

Remember That When It Comes To Slots - The House Always Wins.

Slots always have an algorithmic edge. There is nos strategy that can overcome them. The house edge is a mathematical prediction of how much of each bet you’re going to lose in the long run for a game. It’s expressed as a percentage, and it’s a long-term average.

Here’s an example:

The house edge for the pass line bet in crap is 1.41%. If you make a $100 bet repeatedly on the pass line, you’ll eventually average a loss of $1.41 per bet over time.

You won’t lose $1.41 on any single bet or any small number of bets. It’s an average outcome over hundreds or thousands of bets.

Most games in a casino have a house edge of between 1% and 5%.

But the house edge for slot machine games range from 7% or 8% on the really good machines to up to 25% on the stingiest machines, like the ones you’ll find at the airport or in gas stations.

Transitioning From Real Slots Into Online Slots

Read casino slots are fun enough, but what about the next level. What about when you take it to the mobile phone and start gambling online?

So let’s have a look at the difference between the two, online and live and think about the differences in house edge.

Most slot players make 500 spins per hour, so two hours’ worth of play results in 1,000 spins. At $3 each, that’s $3,000 in action.

With an 8% house edge, you’ll lose an average of $240 on that kind of action. That’s $120 per hour for your slot machine entertainment.

But with a 25% house edge, you’ll lose an average of $750 on that kind of action. That’s $375 per hour for the same entertainment.

Consider just a dinner out, it will probably give you more in return.

Words Of Advice From An Experienced Gambler To A New Gambler

If you are going to tackle Slot Machines you must understand one crucial thing. You are participating in the most expensive game in the house.

Play for lower stakes than you think, because you’re going to expose yourself to the grind four to five times as much as you would with other casino games.

But definitely avoid gambling more money than you would otherwise just to try to get your money’s worth.


Ultimately - don’t play slots for anything except for a good time.

If you are going to the casino to make money - then please consider any other game. All other games are going to give you a better value and odds for money.

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