A Closer Look at the History of Slots Machines



Slots machines are currently found in nearly all casinos worldwide, both online and land-based ones. They are quite easy to play yet offer great excitement to players. The history of classic slots dates back to the 1800s. The first one ever to be created was a lot different from the modern ones, but the principles behind the game remain relatively the same. Below is more detailed information regarding the history of slot machines.

A Closer Look at the History of Slots Machines

The Invention of the Slots Machines

The slots machine's inventions share two different accounts. According to the first one, the first slot machine was known as the Liberty Bell slot machine. An American called Charles Fey invented it back in 1887. The Liberty Bell slots machine had three spinning reels. The reels had pictures of playing cards as well as diamond, heart, horseshoe, spade, and cracked Liberty Bell symbols. The machine had a lever on one side, which a player had to pull to play the game. The lever caused the reels to spin and determine whether or not the player wins.

According to the second account, the Liberty Bell was invented in 1895. By that time, Sittman and Putt had already inaugurated their slots machine in 1891. The Sittman and Putt machine was based on the poker game. It features 50 card faces on five drums. However, the working principle was nearly similar to that of the Liberty Bell. Due to the many possible wins on this machine, automatic payout awards for all possible winning combinations were impossible. The popularity of the Sittman and Putt machine grew quite fast, and within a short time, it was in many casinos.

The First Electromechanical Slots Machine

The first electromechanical slots machine was developed in 1963 by Bally. It was named the Money Honey. Honey Money was also the first slot machine to have an automatic payout of up to 500 coins with no attendant needed. Honey Money became so popular and helped to increase the predominance of electronic games. Eventually, the side lever on slot machines became vestigial.

First Video Slot Machine

Fortune Coin Co of Las Vegas developed the first video slots machine back in 1976. The machine used logic boards for all the slot machine functions and a 19-inch color receiver for the display. The first production units were installed in Las Vegas Hilton Hotel on a trial basis. Various modifications were made to minimize cheating possibilities before the Nevada State Gaming Commission approved the video slot machine. In 1978, International Gaming Technology purchased Fortune Coin Co and the technology behind video slot machines.

Online Slots

Online slots marked the highest evolution of the game. Online slots games are currently the most played casino games across the globe. Players get to enjoy everything that they would on a physical slots machine, but from the comfort of their own homes. There are numerous other ongoing developments in online slots. Such include the integration of artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality, and many others. Different from physical slots, online slots give players more options regarding stakes and variance. Payments are also automatic and immediate, but winnings are deposited into the player's account.

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