November 2, 2021

4 Future Trends In Slots That You Need To Know

Leticia "Letty" Santos
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The slots industry is subject to major technical changes reguarly.

4 Future Trends In Slots That You Need To Know

The entire functionality of a slots machine is determined by it;s techincal sophistication. The industry moved from mechinsation ot semi-conductor led algorithms. Let’s examen in depth how this industry has changed.

The Nesecsity To Be Seated For Time

Developers create more addictive games that keep you in your seat by their very nature. One of the ways is by offering other types of gaming from slot machines. In particular, with the direction sports betting laws are moving, some machines allow you to make sports bets without having to get up. That way, you can keep at those slots while getting the results of the game you just bet.

High Definition + Everything Current Induced On Steroids

The focus of the past few years has been to make the game itself more of a spectacle. The cabinets (the housing of the games) are bigger, more glamorous, and covered with pop culture icons of all shapes and sizes.

Even more importantly, machines aren’t just getting bigger and better, slot machines are getting louder, too. The simple fact that you can hear a machine from half a floor away means you’re more likely to play it.

It is getting easier to trigger that dopamine rush.

It’s Inevitable & Already Exists In Some Forms

Moving into apps and a more ubiquitous betting accessibliity is gaurenteed.

Today’s slots feature much higher gamification (rewarding you for certain behaviors), skill-based casino games (where the player has more control over the outcome), and even remakes of classic arcade games done as slot machines.

The decision to go fully electronic allows slots manufacturers to do just about anything they want with the game and feature just about anything. Given the proven entertainment value of apps, it’s easy to see why slot machine makers are recreating apps as slots games. It’s also easy to see why gamers are flocking to these machines to give them money.

Enter Social Media - One More Reason To Check Your Phone

Expect a greater emphasis on live streaming slot machine and table gameplay is taking place on social media.

The technology to live stream playing slots is available now, and it’s a game-changer in the industry.


Trends in technology are by their very nature bare impossible to predict. The market moves quickly and ideas that seem great may never even make it to the design floor. Still, the seven trends noted above seem like sure bets.

In the end, I’m also certain the games will continue to grow more app-like in their delivery while taking advantage of technologies like VR and AR. However, only time will tell on how these trends will be used to make you fall in love with slots all over again.

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