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Thunderfist is a game that pays homage to the martial arts, the title being inspired by some kind of supernatural ability that one of the main characters has. It’s a Net Ent production, with the high end graphics that they usually include in their games, and with a theme that I’m sure many will appreciate, since the martial arts genre has plenty of fans. The game relies on a modern setup, which has 5x3 reels which host 243 ways to win. Players will encounter inside stacked wild symbols, scatters, random multipliers, free spins and top prizes of up to $2,500.


Betting requirements

The betting system is predictable, both for Net Ent and for slots with ways to win in general. You’re getting 243 ways to win through which combinations can form, but you’re not actually going to use 243 coins to activate them. The game deems it sufficient to use 25 coins for all those possibilities, for the equivalent of 25 betting lines. You spend up to $5 for each line, using a maximum of 10 coins of $0.50. The total bet has 250 coins in it and is worth $125. You get a lot of chances to win from these games, but thanks to their betting model the rewards are generally smaller.

Theme & Design

A beautiful Asian forest, with bamboo trees, is placed in the background image, the same material being used as support for the reels, acting as a border all around. The symbols are related to martial arts. They feature ninjas, samurai and martial arts experts, the kind of elderly men with long white beards that old movies have shown so many times. In this particular case, we seem to have an evil master and main character, capable of using his thunderfists while fighting. On the other side, there are the younger fighters, which are going against him. The symbols of lower value are with images of poker cards made out of bamboo. Thunderfist has a good design for a slot that is part of the martial arts and Asian categories. Even the poker cards which they’ve included on the reels look like they belong there, thanks to the way they were made, out of bamboo. There are different cute animations for the major symbols of the slot, whenever they’re part of winning combinations.

Special Features

One of the symbols which you’re going to notice when it makes an appearance is the one showing us the main character, the one they call Thunderfist. You’re going to see in it an older martial artist, with a long white beard, dressed in fancy red robes. He has white eyes and has thunder coming out of his fists, so the name seems quite appropriate given his capabilities. He doesn’t look like a good guy, but it’s a symbol that you want to get as often as possible on your side. It’s going to be a stacked wild, which means that it will be incredibly useful in a game like this. Not only will you be getting multiple wilds on the reels at the same time, so you can have it part of more combinations, but you also get its help in a slot with ways to win, so it’s easy for it to be of assistance. Obviously, wild symbols are not going to be of any help with the scatters. Speaking of those scatters, there is only one such symbol in Thunderfist. You’re going to see an image of a Golden Dragon, a door knocker by the looks of it. This scatter symbol may appear even on reels which are non-consecutive or starting from a certain side. You’re just going to need a minimum of three to be visible somewhere, and you will get your free spins from them. You win 10 free spins from 3 scatters, 15 if there are 4 scatters, or 20 if you get all 5 symbols. While you’re in the free spins mode, you will find that a random multiplier will be applied to your wins. It has a range of 2x to 5x, and obviously we will be hoping for the highest possible value here.



It’s not the kind of game where you can expect huge payouts. The best prize offered by a combo during paid spins will give you 100x the line bet, so up to 1,000 coins/$500. It gets better once you reach the free spins, since the rewards can reach $2,500 there, 5x multipliers being possible. Despite the small prizes, the game has a good average RTP, of 96.70%. You can thank the ways to win system and the stacked wilds for that, with the random multipliers from the free spins helping out as well.


Thunderfist is a good game to play if you’re into martial arts or if you simply love those old movies with white bearded sensei. Feature wise it has only a couple of things to offer, but they’re good enough to make this a decent slot to play.


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