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Jackpot 6000


Bonus rounds8.0
Fun factor6.0
Total score7.0
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Jackpot 6000 slots is one of the few titles from Net Ent that can be considered a classic, and predictably enough it offers a theme that is based on the symbols that you would’ve had in a 3 reel game from a brick and mortar casino. You can still find those slots in plenty of pubs and casinos around the world, as well as online. Jackpot 6000 has plenty of areas which feel classic, and the number of reels/lines is one of them. You have 3 reels with 3 symbols in each case, and they have 5 lines active for you. You have payouts of up to 6,000 coins, or $6,000. The game doesn’t have any regular features that you’d expect, it’s pretty simple to play most of the time.

Jackpot 6000

Betting requirements

To start with, you should decide on the value of the coins which are about to be used. If you look in the bottom right corner of the slot, there will be four coins lined-up, right below the Spin button. Their values are $0.10, $0.20, $0.50 and $1. Pick the one you’re comfortable using here. Second, you can use between 1 and 10 coins for your total bet and the game doesn’t seem to take into account that it has 5 lines. When you consider the elements that you’re working with, you will realize that you are able to spend anywhere between $0.10 and $10 each spin of Jackpot 6000.

Theme & Design

For the theme of Jackpot 6000, I can’t say that I was too surprised with what we got from this game. The symbols are pretty much standard for pub slot machines, and even the top symbol, the Jester, is not a surprise for this category. As it often happens with this sort of game, the slot machine cabinet has been placed on the casino floor, and you can see other slot machines to its right. The design is not as well chosen here as it is in other games offered by Net Ent. Then again, this developer has only a couple of classic slots to offer, and it’s not something that they usually focus on. The regular symbols look much too basic, and the jester doesn’t show much of an improvement either. As for the actual symbols that you’re getting, the top payouts will only come via the Jester symbol, which pays differently depending on the number of coins wagered. The rest of the symbols are classics and found in a lot of slot machines, with images of golden stars, bells, plums, lemons and cherries chosen for them.

Special Features

One thing that you will notice after a couple of spins is that the symbols appear to be landing stacked on the reels, so often enough you will have entire columns filled with them. There are both pros and cons to this approach. On one side, you get fewer rounds with winning combinations since there is less diversity on the reels. On the other side, the symbols can form up to five combinations at a time if you do get lucky, so payouts are higher on average. You don’t have too many features in the game though. You just have the jester, which can be used as a trigger for random prizes in certain moments. Any wins that you land will give you the option to use your money on the Supermeter mode. After those regular wins, click on Spin to get to the next mode. If you click Collect instead, the money will be simply placed in your account rather than used to take you to the next level. If you’ve chosen the Supermeter mode, you will notice that the display from the logo area gets a number, in multiples of 20 coins. Each spin that you get in Supermeter mode consumes 20 coins. The top payout of the slot can be won here, either with three Jester symbols on a line, or with two Jesters. The presence of two Jesters will trigger a random prize, worth anywhere between 10 and 6,000 coins.


The ultimate prize that one can dream about in this game is going to give back 6,000 coins, with a maximum cash value of $6,000. The Supermeter mode can make it easier for you to land this top prize, even with fewer symbols, though the value is selected at random. The average RTP for Jackpot 6000 slots seems to be over 98%, which makes it one of the most profitable slot machines that Net Ent offers. This alone is a great reason to play the game.


You’re not going to find the graphics or the features that are part of every major Net Ent slot machine, but you will get a better chance at walking away with a profit from it, and that might be enough to make it a favorite for many.

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