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Poseidon Ancient Fortunes is the latest game in the series of the Ancient Fortunes. The game is next in line to the famous slot game Ancient Fortunes: Zeus.

Slot Overview

As already mentioned above, the game is the sequel of the Ancient Fortunes: Zeus.

This is why there are some striking similarities between both games. Although both games have good similarities, this doesn’t mean the differences are small.

The Poseidon Ancient Fortunes has a new theme and various new features. The game offers new symbols and jackpots, plus it uses a popular gaming engine called Megaways.

The game has 6-reels Megaways grid and 4 horizontal positioned grids. At the left of the screen, 4 jackpots are arranged in a top-to-bottom position.

Additionally, various small icons and options are presented at the bottom of the screen. Some of them are Max Bet, Credit, and Win.

Because so much is going on at the screen, the design is a bit clustered. But, it’s nothing too much and players can get a glimpse of Poseidon’s Kingdom in the background.

Slot Features

  • Rolling Reels: Once a player lands a Rolling Reel symbol, all the winning symbols are removed from their screen. New symbols start appearing on the screen and these could possibly lead to a repeat win.

An important feature that will probably appear is the Trident Wild symbol. The Rolling Reels feature continues as long as the player keeps hitting new combos.

The last quality of the Rolling Reels feature is when it ends, there is a chance it’ll trigger a jackpot called Jackpot Pick Game.

  • Trident Wild: As mentioned above, the Trident Wild symbol appears during the activation of the Rolling Reels symbol. Trident Wild removes the pay symbols and replaces them with some winning combinations.

Additionally, even if the wild symbol couldn’t create a winning combination, they are collected at the chest.

  • Jackpot Pick Game: When this Jackpot is triggered, 12 tokens appear face-down. The player has to keep selecting one token until 3 of a kind is formed.

The player will be awarded with one of these 4 jackpots. Mini Jackpot = 15 x total stakes. Minor Jackpot = 50 x total stakes. Major Jackpot = 100 x total stakes. Mega Jackpot = x 5,000 total stakes.

  • Gold: If a player is able to spell out the word GOLD with scatters, they get lots of free spins. How many? One dozen.

Although 12 free spins are pretty good, the benefit of hitting GOLD with scatters is bigger than just this. If a player gets even 1 scatter during the 12 free spins, they get 5 more free spins.

To make things even better, if a player lands 5 or 6 scatters in a single shot they add 17 or 22 free spins to their 12 free spins.


Poseidon Ancient Fortunes is the sequel of the Ancient Fortunes: Zeus. The game has a new theme, jackpots, and it uses Megawave grids.

The Jackpots and Gold features are the new features.

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