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Jurassic Park, the slot machine, has been designed to remind players of the popular 1993 film that had the same name, and it was released before the sequel showed up on the big screens. The next film, Jurassic World, which appeared a couple of years ago, has also gotten a slot machine from Microgaming, which is brand new right now. In the meantime, let’s check out Jurassic Park, a game which appeared in 2014, as the first in the series from Microgaming. Jurassic Park slots is the sort of game that gives you 5x3 reels, and which uses 243 ways to win instead of paylines. It’s a slot machine which can pay up to $7,500 and which has a lot of features to offer. I will mention the stacked wilds, the Alert mode with its extra wilds, the free spins of about five different types, or the scatter symbols, and I think you can see how exciting it can be.

Jurassic Park

Betting requirements

Every single slot machine with ways to win on its reels will come with a betting system that uses regular lines, a fixed number that they deem sufficient to cover all the possibilities of winning. In this case, 30 lines were used to cover all 243 ways to win that are used. You decide only on the number of coins placed on each line, and on their value. It’s up to 10 coins for the former, and a denomination of up to $0.25 for the latter. The maximum bet per line is $2.50, while the total gets to $75.

Theme & Design

Theme wise, it’s quite clear what we got here. The Jurassic Park film came out in 1993, but it took more than two decades for a slot machine to be created based on it. Right before Jurassic World, the sequel, came out, they offered us the slot machine for the older movie. Jurassic World was released a couple of years later, in 2017, so you have the sequel to this game as well right now, to play if you like the first one. The film is the one that gives the slot machine most of its symbols. You have images and film sequences from the 1993 film, with many of the main actors present in the symbols. Besides the actors, there are also images with logos or with various dinosaurs, T-Rex included of course. In the background, you see the jungle in which the dinosaurs lived in Jurassic Park. It’s a dangerous looking place, just like the real thing. The graphics are quite good, especially since it’s a fairly recent title, from 2014. There are images and videos from the film, so it looks like a higher end production, an important title for Microgaming at the time of the release.

Special Features

In terms of features, I love what the developer did in this game. You might not get huge payouts because of the amount of features included, but at least you will be having fun, and the rewards will come on a regular basis. The stacked wild, the Jurassic Park logo, is the one that can pay the most. Appearing stacked and acting as a wild in the base game, it will pay up to $2,000 for a combination, and typically you get more than one combo at the same time. It is also very useful, since as a stacked wild it will be part of other combinations more often as well. It’s not a replacement for a scatter symbol, but it works for all the others. The Mosquito symbol, stuck in amber for millions of years, is the scatter in this case. It will pay up to $7,500 (100x total bet), if you get enough symbols somewhere in view, but at the same time it can also trigger free spins. There are five types of free spins, which you unlock one by one, in time. After you get 25 triggers of the feature you will be able to choose which one you want. The five types of free spins are Tyrannosaurus Rex (12 spins and up to 5 Wild Reels), Velociraptor (12 spins with Split Wilds and Multiplier Wilds), Triceratops (12 spins and Running Wilds), Brachiosaurus (12 spins and Mystery Multiplier of up to 6x) and Dilophosaurus (12 free spins with Winning Wilds). There is also a T-Rex Alert Mode, which triggers when the T-Rex appears on the screen. It’s a random feature, which adds 35 additional wild symbols on the reels. You still pay for the spins which have Alert Mode on, but at least you have improved odds of landing prizes. The bet value is fixed at the amount that you used during the round where the Alert Mode was triggered.

Jurassic Park


The prizes of Jurassic Park will not be as impressive as those from other slots, reaching $2,000 at most, but the fact that the wilds appear stacked means that you can get as many as 25 wins of this value at the same time (not likely, but the odds of this happening are better than in other slots). The RTP is in the usual range for Microgaming, sitting at 96.67%, which is good enough these days, or very high if you compare it with a slot from a brick and mortar casino.


Jurassic Park is a good slot machine, a big production for Microgaming, and one that has kept its charm even after a couple of years since its release. There is a sequel as well if you want to check it out, called Jurassic World.

Jurassic Park

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