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About Under the Bed

You’re about to embark on a journey to a unique and whimsical world with the Under the Bed slot game by Betsoft. Under The Bed will take advantage of one of the things that a lot of children will go through, the fear of the dark and of the things that might hide in it. Whether it’s about something that hides in the closet, or a monster under the bed, children often tend to imagine that things exist where they’re really not. In the case of Under the Bed, we get two children and there are also the monsters that are hiding in their room. As for the actual gameplay style, the game will have for you 5x3 reels, with a maximum of 30 active lines present on them. You get rewards of up to $1,250, while for its features it will use free spins, scatters, and wilds.

Betting requirements

Each aspect of the betting system is open to you, but with limits, the same as in every other slot machine. You will get several paylines, up to 30 available, and for each one, you will be able to use a maximum of 5 coins, with denominations getting up to $0.50. You spend at most $2.50 for a single line and for all 30 you can go to $75 per spin.

Theme & Design of Under the Bed Slot

I love the idea of the monster theme, particularly since it was created here, and it’s not entirely a new one. We see the two children, brother and sister, in their pajamas, sitting next to the bet. The monsters are popping out from different corners of the screen, always out of sight. They’re monsters with long beaks, with lots of yes, or even with a single eye, and while they should look scary, they’re actually bordering on cute. The reels are placed against the bed, and in the background, we see a little of the rest of the bedroom. For its symbols, we’re going to find that the game uses images of the two children, with their feet, with four types of monsters, a lamp, the full moon, the wild logo, the bed, and the door. Everything is fit to be used in such a theme, so I feel like they were chosen well. As for the design quality, this is Betsoft that we’re talking about, and this is one of their 3D Slots series, so you know that it’s good and that there will be animations for the main characters as well, not just still images.

User Interface and Comfort

Betsoft has ensured that the user interface of the game is intuitive and easy to navigate, even for beginners. The spin button, paytable, and bet adjustment options are all clearly marked. There’s a comforting sense of familiarity with the design, which ensures that your focus remains on the fun rather than figuring out complex mechanics.

Special Features of Under the Bed

You will find that the four regular slot symbols that show you monsters will have a special yellow and orange border around them. These bordered symbols will give you wild symbols, whenever they manage to form a regular winning combo. Rimmed symbols will flip over, and will reveal one sticky wild which will have a number on it. The number tells you for how many spins you’re going to get this feature. The wild symbol stays in that position for multiple paid spins. If you form multiple combinations with rimmed symbols, then you have multiple sticky wilds, each one with its own random number of spins in which it is present.

  • Sticky Wilds: When you land a specific combination, a monster appears with a number. This number indicates how many spins the wild will stick for, enhancing your chances of winning big.
  • Scatters: The bed symbol acts as a scatter and can trigger a special bonus round where the children confront the monsters, leading to potential rewards.

Bonus Round and Free Spins

For the bonus round, you need the Bed symbol, appearing at least three times in scattered spots on the reels. You have to join the two kids, Jane and Jesse, in fighting the monsters that are hiding under the bed. The Door symbol is not a scatter, being required to appear just once and in a specific position, on the 3rd reel, in the middle spot. Get it there, and you win 12 free spins, which will take place in the monster bedroom, now lopsided.

Double Up Feature

After a win during the base game, you get the option to 'Double Up.' Here, you can gamble your winnings on a coin toss. It's a 50/50 chance, which adds an extra layer of excitement for risk-takers. This feature is perfect for those who feel lucky and want to double their winnings potentially.

Overall, I found myself enjoying the features offered. I love how you can get those sticky wilds to help you out for multiple rounds, and all you need to get them is to form a combination with monster symbols. The wilds are used as substitutes for pretty much all regular symbols, meaning the ones forming combinations on lines.

Under the Bed Jackpot

Jane, the girl, is the symbol that delivers the biggest regular payout of the game. She can pay 500x the line bet, meaning at most 2,500 coins in Under The Bed. With coins at $0.50 or lower, you can win at most $1,250 cash. Despite the relatively low payouts, we know that the average Return to Player sits at 96.40%, so you’re getting a decent paying slot in the very long run. It’s in the usual range for Betsoft and many other big developers.


Under the Bed is a well-rounded slot that combines a charming theme with exciting gameplay features. It’s a game that caters to a wide range of players, from beginners to seasoned enthusiasts. The balance of stunning graphics, amusing animations, and the potential for substantial wins makes this slot by Betsoft a must-try. Remember, with slots like these, it's not just about the chance of winning; it’s also about the joy of the game itself. So, tuck in, spin the reels, and maybe you'll find that what's lurking 'Under the Bed' is not so scary after all, but rather a source of great fun and excitement.

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What Is the Minimum Bet I Can Place on Under the Bed Slot?

The minimum bet you can place on the Under the Bed slot depends on the casino's set limits and the game's settings. Typically, Betsoft allows players to adjust the coin value and the number of paylines they want to bet on, which can lower the minimum bet to a very accessible amount. It's a good idea to check the game's rules or the casino's information section for the specific minimum bet allowed for this game.

Does Under the Bed Online Slot Have a Free Spins Feature?

Yes, Under the Bed slot does include a Free Spins feature. This is triggered by landing the appropriate scatter symbols on the reels. The number of free spins you receive may vary based on the game's rules and the number of triggering symbols. During the free spins round, you will not be using any of your actual credits, and you can potentially accumulate wins during these spins.

Is Under the Bed Slot Available to Play on Mobile Devices?

Absolutely, Under the Bed slot is designed to be compatible with mobile devices. Betsoft is known for their mobile-friendly games. The slot is optimized to work on both Android and iOS platforms, ensuring a high-quality gaming experience on tablets and smartphones. The game adjusts to different screen sizes and resolutions, providing a seamless experience regardless of the device you're using.

What Is the RTP (Return to Player) of Under the Bed Slot?

The RTP, or Return to Player, is a theoretical percentage indicating the potential payout to players over an extended period of gameplay. Betsoft typically provides the RTP for their games, and you can find this information within the game details or help section. The RTP for Under the Bed slot is around 95.5%.

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