Slot Trends For 2021



2021 is bringing with it some new slot trends that players should keep an eye out for. These trends are shifting the industry so that a growing number of players are attracted to slots.

Slot Trends For 2021

One of them is flashiness and visual appeal. In land-based casinos, players often choose the slots that catch their eye. But even at online casinos, players are going to look for slots that give them a reason to try them. With that in mind, the companies that manufacture the games are including titles and graphics that they know will draw players in.

4K Graphics

Though it isn’t a completely new phenomenon, one of the ways slots are changing in 2021 is that they’re featuring 4K resolution graphics. While the first slot of this kind was released in 2018, this feature has gone largely unrecognized until now. But today’s game developers are increasingly seeing the value of creating slots that have both 4K and 3D capabilities in terms of graphics. This will lead to slots feeling more realistic than ever before.

More Mobile Slots

Another phenomenon that isn’t completely new but is always picking up steam is the emergence of mobile slots. While at first, only certain slots were designed to be played on a mobile, almost every slot machine game in the world now can be. New slots are being created specifically with mobile players in mind. It’s safe to say that eventually, every slot machine that can be played online will be playable on a mobile device too. Thanks to the technology of HTML5, slots can be accessed instantly by mobile users.

The Lure Of Megaways

It takes more than just flashy graphics and mobile comparability to make a slot machine game a hit with players. So one of the newest draws is including the Megaways feature in a game. This feature means that players have up to 117,649 different ways that they can win. Since it’s not likely anyone’s going to pass this up, it’s become the hot new draw in the slot machine industry. Not only are new titles being released that include the feature, old titles are being re-released to add it.

And while Megaways has the potential to increase the amount of money players win, the type of money players use in slots is also changing. With the adoption of cryptocurrencies, making deposits and getting withdrawals is almost an instant process. Some online casinos will even offer players free spins on their slots just for depositing with a cryptocurrency. New games and even new casinos are being designed to accept crypto for players’ payments.

Last but not least, the line between playing at online and offline casinos is blurring. And slots are no longer necessarily confined only to casinos. Wall-panels and touch kiosks are popping up in unexpected locations. They hold interactive gaming systems that may offer a slot or two and even a table game, transforming the industry once again.

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