Four Reasons Why Online Slots Are Better!



Online slots offer some huge advantages. They can be extremely addictive and fun. But did you know that online they are even better?

Four Reasons Why Online Slots Are Better!

Here are four reasons why real money online slots are the better option among the two.

Jackpots For Online Slots Exceed Those That Are Live

Progressive jackpots are the heart of good casino gambling.

It’s not uncommon for these massive jackpots to climb into the six-figures, and at times, they climb over $1 million. Some will get into the tens of millions from time to time.

You’ll find progressive slots in land-based and online casinos. So, you may not understand how this makes the online slots better. The sheer volume and low wagers make progressive jackpots in online slots a win for the gambler.

Payouts Are Better At Online Casinos

Most of the online casinos for slots actually have a better payout than they do in live casinos. This is for many reasons, those of which I will explain now.

The higher payout doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be a winner. In the long term, the math still says you’ll lose. But payouts are higher because of the cost differences in operating an online versus in person casino. Online casinos have more money to give away in payouts.

If you want the highest return to the player, you’ll be stoked beyond belief playing online slots.

You Can Play Online Slots Anywhere! You Cannot Do The Same With Live Slots

Convenience is one of the key growth factors to the tremendous success of online casinos.

The fact that you never have to get out of bed to play your favorite online slots is wonderfully more advantageous than figuring out the logistics of getting to a casino.

Plus, the money you save on an actual casino trip can go a long way in your bankroll. You won’t need to account for the costs of travel, meals, accommodations, or any incidentals.

Online Slots Have A Near Infinite Selection Of Games

Online casino economics trumps live casino economics everyday. Because of the lower costs to run an online casino the amount of games available are nearly infinitely more than live.

There’s something for everyone, there are dozens or even hundreds of games that will fit into any player’s budget and preferences. Online slots have so much variety that you’ll never worry about growing bored or becoming disinterested.

Because of the convenience and also the optionality of having a huge amount of games available, online casinos are offering this better experience than live casinos.


Live casinos are great places that are full of energy and excitement. However, when it comes to slot machines, there are clear advantages to playing online slots.

These four reasons for online slots are better to make that abundantly evident. Still, it comes down to the individual player to decide where to spend their gambling dollars.

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