Bloodsuckers Slot Review

Bonus rounds9.0
Fun factor7.5
Total score8.4


Blood suckers slot lines

Bloodsuckers is a game designed with fans of vampires in mind. They haven’t gone for the usual teen vampire look that seems to be in fashion right now, choosing instead scary creatures, some of them with blood on their hands. The same goes for the rest of the design, which borders on the creepy, and so it seems to me that it’s a good choice for a vampire themed title. This vampire game will bring you bonus games, free spins, a single scatter symbol and a wild feature. The best rewards that it can offer will bring you 30,000 coins, worth at most $15,000. This all happens on 25 lines, which were used on a regular setup with 5 columns and 3 rows of symbols.

Betting requirements

The betting system employed in Bloodsuckers is different from those used in more recent Net Ent titles, but only when it comes to the number of coins and denominations which are used. You also get the option to change the number of lines, something that Net Ent seems to have given up on with recent releases. You may use at most 4 coins per line, or 100 coins total for one round. The value of the coins is only going to go up to $0.50, and so you can spend up to $2 per line. Overall, with 25 lines employed and with their bets at the maximum level, you may spend at most $50 each round.

Theme & Design

Dracula is an inspiration to the guys from Net Ent in this case, and we actually see him in one of the symbols, along with some of his victims, with various other vampires and with at least one of them drinking a cup filled with blood. The rest of the symbols selected here give you crossbows with silver arrows, holy bibles, wooden stakes, garlic and holy water. The atmosphere of the game stays the same in every area, looking darker than most slot machines, but quite appropriate for the kind of action that it’s supposed to be showing. It’s certainly not the kind of vampire game that looks cute, which is what the movies have gotten us used to. The quality of the design is quite good, so I have nothing to complain about there. It could’ve been even better, but it works even like this.

Special Features

In one of the symbols available in Bloodsuckers, you’re going to see how a vampire is preparing to bite into the neck of a young woman. It’s the wild symbol that you’re looking at in that case, and it will be used here both as a substitute for various symbols which might need its help, and also as a way to form combinations that pay up to 7,500x. When used as a wild feature, it can only be included in regular combinations, the symbols that don’t benefit from its presence being the bonus and the scatter. The bonus symbol that you can use in this game seems to behave a bit like a regular symbol, at least in the way it triggers the feature. It is required that you have a minimum of three bonus symbols, the ones which have a hammer and a wooden stake, both with blood on them. These symbols have to be arranged on a line that is active, from left to right and in consecutive order. If this happens, you get to activate the bonus game of Bloodsuckers. We’re looking at the scatter symbol, when it comes to the method you can use to trigger free spins. With scatter symbols, all you need is for a minimum of two to be visible in the game in order to get paid, while the free spins are triggered with three or more. The rewards range from 2x to 100x the wager, so this symbol can pay at most $5,000. With the scatters positioned in 3+ locations, you get 10 free spins from the game. You also get tripled wins inside, so all combinations formed are a lot more profitable for you at this point.


For the paid spins, the largest bet that you should expect will get to a value of $15,000, and this will be with help from the wild symbol if it forms its own paying combo. It can get better than this though, once you trigger free spins. At that point, you’re looking at tripled wins, and so the rewards can jump to $45,000 for the same combination of wilds. The average RTP for Bloodsuckers is one of the better ones offered by Net Ent, sitting at 98%. That kind of RTP is rarely seen in slot machines, and so I’d suggest you take advantage of what this game has to offer if you’re a fan of the vampire look.


I think that Net Ent did a good job here, even though it might not be the best looking title in their generous portfolio. They got the atmosphere right at least, plus they’ve made the game one of the more profitable title, with an RTP that sits at 98% on average. Overall, I think that it’s a good choice for most players.

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